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House Made Lasagna

A family tradiiton - we start our lasagna with freshly made pasta. Using only eggs and flour, we roll out the dough before assembling the 4 layers of sauce and cheese. Available in Half Pans or Full Pans, these pastas are a great idea for everything from family dinners to office functions. Add extra ingredients to custom make your favorite! Please allow 24 hours before pick up, to allow us time to make the pasta.

Lasagna's can be ready to eat, or ready to cook when you pick them up. Click here for cooking directions.

Half Pans serve 9 - 12 people: $35 - $50 each

Full Pans serve 18 -21 people: $65 - $80 each

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Pick up: Saturday and Sunday, 4pm - 9pm pickup only

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Lasagnas are custom made for you, so please let us know which type you like. All lasagnas are made with ricotta and shredded mozzarella, but vegetables and meat can be added. Some vegetables are subject to availability depending on the season. Price will vary by ingredients, extra charge applies to meats and sausage type.

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** cooking times are approximately 1.5 - 2 hours, with 30 minutes set time before serving.

Other ingredients or special request:

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