How to deal with your allergies

Being allergic to many things can make your life a living horror, forcing you to stay in a safe bubble, away from everything that can cause an allergy. In case you are allergic to dust and dirt, Hawaii Pest control services are your best option at hand. These remedies will surely benefit you and it’s indicated to try more than one service to see which suits you best.

Soap & hot water can always help those who are allergic to dust mites. Try and wash your bed sheets with hot water and soap, once per week, in order to diminish the allergic symptoms and once you’re at it, you can also use the solution around the bedroom. Moreover, if your child suffers from allergies, you can also wash his stuffed toys with hot water and soap.

We also recommend frequent and thorough vacuuming, especially if you cannot replace the carpet with a more solid surface. Also, do not forget to vacuum the furniture, the draperies and other fabric items that cannot be washed. Try to replace drapes and blinds with roll-down shades or curtains that you can wash. So, vacuuming at least once or twice per week should help you with your allergies.

Do not let your home turn into a mess while it’s being invaded by clutter. Piles of boxes and clothes can hide dust mites and cockroaches. While cleaning your house, it is best if you wear a mask, stopping the dust from entering your nose and causing new allergies. After you are done with the cleaning process, leave the house for a few hours, limiting your exposure to the allergens you kicked up in the air.

As part of our services, we recommend using the air conditioner instead of opening the window. The latter option will bring pollen and dust into your home. For those who are allergic to pollen, attic fans are not something to own. They bring pollen, mold spores and other allergens inside the house.

If you have rugs or a carpet, your solution is to get rid of them for good and pick up smaller rugs that can be easily washed. Also, if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, try and remove it as well, if not in the whole house, at least from the bedroom area. Also, try to remove from your bedroom things that are known as dust collectors, such as stuffed toys, books, boxes etc.

It is also best to use detergents and cleaners that do not have a scent, because smells from the detergents can trigger allergy symptoms. At the same time, it is best if you dry your clothes inside the house, avoiding the contamination with pollen and other allergens from outside. You could also enlist pest control services to take care of any lingering pests.

Finally, ask your family members to pick up some chores, in order to help you diminish the exposure to things that could trigger your allergy. So, don’t forget that the tips mentioned here can help you with these kinds of problems, making sure your allergies will have a hard time to kick in and bother you and your family.

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